The Box Of Saintly Whiskers

The Box of Saintly Whiskers – A Maundering Rat

Have you ever wondered if your mother was truly blessed with a set saintly whiskers? The answer may surprise you. This box of saintly whiskers actually belongs to a Maundering Rat. When you look at it, you’ll probably be given a beatific smile. The box even has a picture of Maundering Rat on its front! It’s also pretty cool! So, go ahead, give it a try!

Maundering Rat gives you a beatific smile

The Maundering Rat has grey hair and a beatific smile. This rare rat will increase your Watchful, Respectable and Zeefaring skills if you see it. If you see him, give him a beatific smile to make him envious of you. You can also get a beatific smile from him if you kill him. Maundering Rats can also give you a beatific smile and help you in your quest for the same.

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