Tiny Texie Net Worth

Tiny Texie Net Worth

Tiny Texie has been active on social media since 2015. Her career has also branched into the acting field. Her reality show is slated to premiere on WETV in January 2020. She has also featured in a number of popular publications. She has one daughter with her partner, Anastasia Graves. Together, they have led a luxurious lifestyle.

Texie’s mother is a district court judge in New Mexico

Texie’s mother is Texie O’Connell, who served as a prosecutor for many years before being appointed to the New Mexico district court bench. Before that, she was the Chief Deputy Attorney General for the Attorney General’s Office, overseeing the Criminal Affairs Division. She was first appointed to the bench in February 2019, and has served on a number of state and federal boards. In addition, she serves on the Executive Committee for the Bernalillo County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council.

Texie’s mother is incredibly passionate about her career in the justice system, as she has been practicing law for more than ten years. She is an advocate for New Mexico families, having worked with homeless organizations and abused children. She also holds a Juris Doctorate from Lewis and Clark Law School and a Bachelor’s degree from Beloit College.

She is a TikTok influencer

If you want to become a successful TikTok influencer, there are many factors to consider. The first is the type of content you are creating. If your content is entertaining and uplifting, people are more likely to share it. This will make you more attractive to advertisers, which is a plus for you as an artist. For example, if your content is about fashion, you can try combining different styles and colors.

The second key component is your personality. While the TikTok platform allows you to post pictures of yourself wearing clothes and accessories, some videos are aimed at a younger audience. If you want to make a video that is meant for a younger audience, you might consider hiring a child model who can dance. Or, if you’d prefer to make a music video, try collaborating with a famous TikTok influencer.

She has a daughter

Tiny Texie has been making headlines since she was discovered on a beauty party competition in 2015. She has since gained fame through her dancing and modeling career. Her fame has been fueled by her enormous fan base, and she was featured in numerous magazines, including Inked and Chicago. She has also been featured on social media, running Instagram and TikTok accounts. She has garnered over 267k followers on Instagram.

Although Tiny Texie is a jack of all trades, she has been known for being a model, actress, and a make-up artist. She has appeared in numerous publications and is currently starring in her own reality show. She has also been dating a make-up artist named Anastasia Graves, who is also a star on WETV.

She is an adult entertainer

Tiny Texas is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to entertainment. She has been on a variety of TV shows, including WETV’s Extreme Love. She is also a mother to a beautiful daughter, who frequently appears in her TikTok videos. She is in a relationship with make-up artist and reality television star Anastasia Graves.

She has a social media following

Aside from being a rising star on TikTok, Tiny Texie has a following on Instagram and Facebook. She is also an influencer for several brands. Her official account is tinytexieofficial. You can also follow her on Twitter. Her videos are captivating.

Tiny Texie is from Corpus Christi, Texas. She was born with a rare genetic skeletal disorder called Kenny-Caffey Syndrome. Despite her small size, she is extremely kind-hearted and has a beautiful daughter, who she often features on her TikTok videos. She also has a cat, which she claims improves her mood and helps with her stress levels.

Tiny Texie began her career in pageants and quickly rose to fame. She now has a social media following of over 450k. She has appeared in numerous fashion and beauty magazines, including Inked, Chicago, and Florida. She has also established a footing in the acting world, appearing in the upcoming reality show Extreme Love.

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