Tony Kornheiser Net Worth

Tony Kornheiser Net Worth

Tony Kornheiser is an esteemed American television presenter best known for his work as a sports columnist and radio/TV show host. His co-hosting role on ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption show has earned him widespread recognition and accolades.

Tony, 74 years old and an American television presenter and former sports journalist, was born on 13 July 1948 in New York City and now resides in Washington D.C. He shares his home with wife Karrill; together they have two children: Elizabeth and Michael.

He was raised in Lynbrook, Long Island and attended George W. Hewlett High School; there he became involved with the Young Democrats club and wrote for their school newspaper. Additionally, he earned a bachelor’s degree from Harpur College (now Binghamton University) in 1970.

Tony Kornheiser is a renowned American sportswriter and columnist praised for his wry writing style. He’s written for various newspapers such as The New York Times and Newsday, hosted his own radio show and podcast, and currently co-hosts ESPN’s sports debate show Pardon the Interruption.

Tony Kornheiser has earned a deserved reputation as an author, columnist, radio and television show host, among other accomplishments. His books cover topics such as his early childhood memories, tenure at the White House, and other aspects of his life and career.

His works are filled with sarcasm and wit. He has earned numerous accolades for his works, including an Emmy Award. Additionally, he has appeared in films such as Mr. 3000 and Creed.

He and Karrill have been married since 1973 and they have two children together, Elizabeth and Michael. Additionally, the couple owns their own real estate investment business in Washington, DC.

Tony has also dedicated time to philanthropic activities and charity events. He has served as a mentor for children with disabilities and been the keynote speaker at conferences and conventions.

His net worth is estimated to be $20 million in 2023, based on his earnings from media and other sources. Additionally, he has sold several books which has further added to his overall wealth.

Sports anchor/reporters typically earn between $25,000-$100,000 annually. This figure includes their base salary, bonuses and other incentives. He has also reportedly been paid millions of dollars in royalties for his articles and columns.

He is an American and a Republican. In both 2008 and 2012, he cast his vote for Barack Obama.

In addition to his writing career, Kornheiser has also starred in several movies like Mr. 3000 and Creed. Additionally, he has provided voices for numerous cartoons and video games.

He earned a place of prominence within the industry after working as a writer at both The Washington Post from 1979 to 2001 and ESPN, where he co-hosted Pardon the Interruption with Michael Wilbon. Additionally, he has authored several books such as Pumping Irony: Working Out the Angst of a Lifetime and Bald as I Wanna Be! Additionally, he enjoys playing golf – and once played alongside President Obama! A highly intelligent and articulate individual, his memory is second to none.

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