Trent Williams Net Worth

Trent Williams’ Net Worth

When it comes to NFL players, Trent Williams is one of the best. Not only has he played for the Washington Redskins for a decade, but he has also appeared in eight Pro Bowls. That is not to mention the fact that he is considered to be among the best defensive tackles in the game.

The San Francisco 49ers have been lucky enough to secure Williams for the next six years on a lucrative contract. His salary for the 2019 season is estimated to be $1,800,000, while his cap hit will be $9,671 765. He will also receive $5,450,000 in restructuring bonuses.

Before making the jump to the NFL, Williams attended the University of Oklahoma. This is where he received recognition as an All-American. He was also named to the Sporting News’ Freshman All-America second team. In addition, he was also named to the 2009 Outland Trophy watch list.

Aside from his football career, Williams has accumulated a wealth of assets. For example, he has a house with a gym and bar in it, along with numerous high-end cars. On top of that, he has a wife and children. Additionally, he is an investor in a number of real estate properties in Houston.

While Williams hasn’t had much of a shady past, he has suffered from a number of injuries and illnesses during his time in the league. One of the most notable instances is when he had to undergo surgery to remove growth on his head. Another major incident involved a drug suspension, which saw him missing several games.

Although the majority of Williams’ wealth is accrued from his lucrative deals with the Washington Redskins and the San Francisco 49ers, he has been known to invest in other areas. In particular, he has invested in the blockchain technology known as Dapper Labs.

Considering that he has already earned a respectable net worth of $14 million, it is easy to see why he would want to invest in a new property. In fact, he recently purchased a $2 million house in Ashburn.

On top of his wealth, Williams has had a number of accolades to his credit. From being named a First Team All-Big 12 offensive lineman in 2008 to being a first-team all-district selection in 2009. During his senior year, he was voted to the All-Big 12 First Team. He also made his debut in the NFL against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 1.

Though he hasn’t had the best of health, Williams has made some impact performances. For instance, he was able to help the Redskins win the Super Bowl in 2006. Even though he missed the entirety of the 2015 season, he still managed to get selected for the fifth consecutive Pro Bowl.

Despite his recent problems, Williams is considered by some to be the most successful player in the league in recent years. In fact, he has a huge bodyweight, which makes him a formidable competitor at the offensive tackle position.

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