Ttu Student Business Services

The TTU Student Business Services (SBS) team needed to improve their communication with students. In particular, they needed to improve the process for processing waivers and reduce cancellations. They implemented new technology to help them meet these objectives. The new system streamlines all administrative processes related to registration, financial aid, and waiver processing.

The SBS website is accessible from 7 AM to midnight, seven days a week. The website also provides a list of all the scholarships available to students. There are requirements to apply for the scholarship, including demonstrating a particular talent or interest. International students may also need to apply for student insurance.

Tuition is just one of the many expenses students must contend with as they work towards a college degree. The cost of college is continuously increasing. TASC offers programs to help Texas students deal with this cost through financial aid and free financial advice from government agencies. The SBS can also help you apply for federal financial aid, which is free money for school.

The SBS website also allows students to manage their payment plans and view account activity in real-time. Students can also enroll in a new payment plan for each semester, set up an eRefund payment profile, and authorize their parents for access to their accounts and 1098-T tax forms.

Using an e-mail account will ensure that they receive notifications about bills and payments. Students will also receive e-mail reminders about their upcoming schedule or balance. Students will also receive a reminder if a hold is placed on their account. In addition, e-mails may be sent to their official e-mail addresses.

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