Tyrin Turner Net Worth

Tyrin Turner Net Worth

The actor and musician Tyrin Turner has been successful in his movie career. He has appeared in films like Menace II Society, Ghetto Stories: the Movie, Supremacy, and Sherman’s Showcase. His popularity and net worth have grown tremendously. Currently, the actor is estimated to have a fortune of $4 to $7 million.

Tyrin was born in Los Angeles, California. As a young child, he lived with his family in a small house on 51st Street and Hoover. After his school years, he attended nearby acting schools. Eventually, he found his passion in acting and music. In 1998, he signed with Rap-a-Lot Records. This helped him launch his recording career.

In the late 1990s, Tyrin had several guest appearances on television shows. During that time, he also played the lead role in a neo-noir crime thriller, Deep Cover. It was a box office success and earned a positive review.

Following his success, Tyrin started working as a writer. He penned various comedies for his friends. Other than that, he has made numerous appearances on television shows such as Hanging with Mr. Cooper, Chicago Hope, and New York Undercover.

Turner and his wife, Amina Garner, have two fraternal twin children. They enjoy traveling, playing ball, and fishing. However, Tyrin and Amina are not currently dating.

Tyrin’s parents are not currently living. Throughout his childhood, Tyrin lived in a house with a rotating cast of friends and neighbors. Initially, he enrolled in a local theater school. After his graduation, he moved to a more prestigious theater.

He has had several film roles, such as in the short drama film titled “Rhythm Nation 1814” and in the neo-noir crime thriller, Menace II Society. He has also made appearances on television programs such as Ghetto Stories: the Movie, and Sherman’s Showcase.

Since his debut, Tyrin has been recognized for his acting skills. Most people are familiar with his most famous role as Caine Lawson in Menace II Society. This role gave him a huge boost in his popularity. Moreover, he was nominated for multiple awards.

Another important contribution to Tyrin’s wealth was his role in the Michael Jordan’s Playground. This TV show featured highlights of the famous basketball player in the 1980s.

Tyrin also appeared in the Geto Boys’ Da Good, Da Bad & Da Ugly album. He has also been featured on the cover of magazines.

Tyrin has also appeared in the music video of Janet Jackson’s song, “Rhythm Nation 1814”. Apart from that, he has been featured in many films, including Ghetto Stories: the Movie, the neo-noir crime film Menace II Society, and the thriller Supremacy.

Although he has been an actor for quite some time, Tyrin still prefers to lead a low-key life. He is also known for posting photos of his family on social media. With the help of his wife, he manages to balance his professional and personal life.

Tyrin and his wife have been married for nearly twenty years. Their son is named Tyrin Jr. Besides that, Tyrin is also a father to a daughter. Among the things that he likes to do, he loves eating Mexican and Spanish food, playing sports, and surfing.

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