Urban Dictionary Hood Rich

If you’re looking for an adjective that describes the lives of the rich and famous, you may want to consider using the Urban Dictionary. The term “hood rich” has many different meanings, including “unemployed” or “unable to pay rent.” It can also refer to an individual who possesses a luxury car or pimped-out suit.

A person who is ‘hood rich’ has lots of expensive items and expensive lifestyles, but lives in a shack in the hood. They usually have a lot of debt, but keep trying to live an affluent lifestyle until the repo man comes knocking. They are typically black and have expensive cars. Their typical daily driver is a Caddilac Escalade with chrome rims and 30″ wheels. But their preferred meals are ramen, government cheese, and roach motel life.

A person who is hood rich is often considered to be someone who has an illegal income, but is still able to live a lavish lifestyle. The person is also a status symbol, as they spend money they don’t have to live in the ghetto. Some of the rappers who use the term include Kendrick Lamar, Lil Baby, J. Cole, and Chief Keef.

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