Vagina Jokes

Vagina jokes aren’t just for men. Stand-up comedians often make funny remarks regarding women and their periods. One such comedian, Matthew Broussard, was once named the funniest person in Houston, and devoted nearly his entire set to jokes about women’s vaginas. While men may not have the same sense of humor as women, they often find these jokes hilarious.

The joke about the vagina was born when a boy tried to play doctor with a little girl who lived behind a barn. His mother catches him and drags him to the house. She tells her son to never touch a girl’s genitals. The little boy grows up thinking girls have teeth and ends up falling in love at 17 years old. It seems that men and woman are made for each other!

In another popular joke about the vagina, a man is compared to a grapefruit. A good grapefruit is so juicy and sour that it squirts when eaten. The mafia can be compared to the vagina. A slip of the tongue could land you in deep shit. The penis is similar to the vagina but it requires pounding, palming and fingering to loosen up!

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