Veondre Mitchell Parents

Who Are Veondre Mitchell Parents?

Who are Veondre Mitchell’s parents? Did you know that he is a transwoman? If so, you’re not alone! Many people have the same questions. This article will tell you more about Veondre’s life. She was born in Seattle, Washington to unknown parents. Did you know she was transgender? And did you know that her parents are transgender?


Veondre Mitchell was born on April 13, 2004. She was born in Seattle, Washington in the United States. Her veondre channel is her most well-known, where she lip-syncs to and dances along to popular songs. Many videos come with meme captions. Although her parents are not known, they are an example of good parents who raised their children well. In addition, Veondre’s parents raised her to respect her artistic abilities.

Veondre Mitchell’s parents are unknown. The haters can come up with any story to bring the teen down, but Veondre Mitchell keeps his haters in check. She focuses on positivity and avoids controversy by focusing on positive things instead. Her height is five feet and three inches (1.61 m), so her parents may not have been as well-off as they appear on her social media profiles.

From Seattle, Washington, US

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Born in the United States

Veondre Mitchell was born on April 13, 2004 in the United States. She is an American citizen, and a TikTok celebrity. Find out about her height, weight and education. Check out her net worth at 18 years old. This beauty’s life story will make you smile! Read on to learn more about this American citizen and TikTok star. She lives in Seattle, Washington.

Veondre Mitchell is a rising TikTok star with over 4.2 million followers. Her eponymous social media accounts are full of funny videos that show her personality. Her parents are also active social media users. In May 2021, her brother appeared on her TikTok Page. Veondre Mitchell was conceived on April 13, 2004. Her social media following has grown tremendously since her debut.

Born as a trans woman

Ve’ondre Mitchell is a 16-year-old Black/Latinx trans woman and a prominent advocate for transgender youth on social media. Ever since her childhood, she has been driven to live her truth, and she uses innovative means to educate others and shine a light on popular topics. In addition to making videos, she writes blogs and shares personal experiences and hopes. She also creates educational videos which she shares with a large audience online.

Ve’ondre Mitchell was born as a man in Seattle, Washington. She attended Seattle Hill Elementary School, and started transitioning in fourth grade. Today, she is a student at Glacier Peak High School and will graduate soon. After graduation, she plans to move to Los Angeles. Her net worth is estimated at $1 million to $5 million, but her exact amount is unknown. She is 5′ 7″ tall and 123 pounds. Her hair is dark brown and her eyes are dark. Social Cafe Agency represents Ve’ondre Mitchell.

Brandon is a proud father of two transgender daughters. He has been involved with the Trans Families community since 2014, and has co-facilitated family support group discussions online and in Seattle. He enjoys concerts, Lego, and traveling. He also loves to spoil his cat. He hopes to inspire others with his story and inspire others to live the life they’ve always wanted to lead. Veondre Mitchell, a transgender pride icon, is unquestionably an inspiration and a shining example of transgender pride.

Is Mars the ruling planet?

Veondre Mitchell’s birth chart shows that Mars is the ruling planet of her parents. This makes her an enthralling and competitive person, and it can be difficult to find out how to control her fiery temper. Her parents are a good example of a Mars-ruled sign, which is the most dominant. However, Mars’ ruling planet is not always indicative that an aggressive person.

Veondre Mitchell’s birth chart shows her parents were born in the early 2000s, a decade that saw the emergence of social media and the internet. Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook all came into being during this decade, so she was born during the iGeneration, a generation that was dominated by the internet and individualism. Her parents had Mars ruling planets, so she may have some trouble adjusting to their newfound fame.


Veondre Mitchell’s height is 5 feet 6 inches, and she weighs about 51 kilograms. She is currently a student in Glacier Peak High School and will soon graduate. She hopes to live in Los Angeles after college. Veondre is an Aries with dark brown eyes and black hair. Her net worth is estimated at $1 to $5 million, although this information is not verified.

The star was born February 9, 2007, and was raised in Atlanta. She is a Kappa Alpha Psi member. Her birthday falls on a leap day, making her height much more impressive than the average teenager. Veondre Mitchell is a very intelligent young lady. Her height and weight make her an appealing figure for fans of all ages. Her height is just right for her active lifestyle.

She has over 500k Instagram followers. She posts videos of her dancing and lip-syncing to popular songs. Many of her videos contain meme commentary. Her videos have over 250,000 views and she has been based in Seattle for the past few years. Her Instagram account has made her a popular influencer, and she has retweeted other celebs. It may be interesting for those who follow her on twitter to learn more about her height.

Shoe size 4 (US)

Veondre Mitchell, a rising star on TikTok, uses her social media profiles as a platform to promote various brands. Her current endorsements include Pretty Little Things and Romwe, Set Active, Lounge, Set Active, Romwe and Converse. She currently resides in Seattle, Washington but plans to move to Los Angeles. Mitchell is transgender and shares many photos from her childhood with her followers. She was named Glacier Peak High School’s homecoming queen, where she studied music.

Ve’ondre Mitchell’s net worth is estimated between $1 million and $5 million according to her Instagram page. Her net worth is listed by Buzzlearn, but these are unverified figures. Veondre Mitchell stands 5′ 7″ tall and weighed 123 lbs. She has black hair and dark brown eyes. Social Cafe Agency represents her. She is also represented at Vanity Agency.

Dress size 8 (US).

Veondre Mitchell, 16 years old, wears a size 8 (US). Her height is unknown. Her shoe size is four. Her birth date was April 13, 2004. Her parents are not available, but her name and nationality are. Mitchell is also known for her social media channel,, where she lip syncs and dances to popular music. Veondre’s YouTube channel boasts millions of subscribers and countless comments.

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