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Vlad and Nikita Net Worth

Vlad and Niki have recently launched their own YouTube channel. They create content that emphasizes togetherness and sharing. The couple has also signed a commercial deal with an Australian company, Haven Global, to create new streams of content for their channel. Their videos are similar to those produced by Anaysa, the Daily Show with Trevor Noah, and the Unspeakable series.


Vlad and Niki have a net worth of $30 million. They make their money from their YouTube channel. The content of their videos are mainly about togetherness and sharing. They are from a Russian-American family. Vlad and Niki have a lot of fans on Facebook and YouTube.

Vlad and Niki’s mother works for the Youtube channel. She is also active on Instagram. Since they upload videos in various languages, they get an international audience. Their Youtube channel has over 68 million subscribers. They make $10 to $50 per thousand views.


Vlad and Niki are Russian children who have become hugely famous online. Their YouTube channel has garnered over 2.15 billion views a month. Their yearly net worth is estimated to be somewhere between $2.3 million and $37.3 million. The pair has a large number of followers and their videos make them millions of dollars. Their earnings are based on advertisements they post on their channel.

The couple started their YouTube channel in April 2018, with the permission of their parents. Their content focuses on sharing and togetherness. They have also signed a commercial deal with an Australian company called Haven Global. This deal will allow them to create new streams of content. Some of the brands they have collaborated with include WWE, Hot Wheels, Paw Patrol, and Imaginext. Vlad and Niki are talented kids who know what to show and say to their fans. Their videos are original, bringing uniqueness and fun into genuine material.

vlad’s parents

Vlad and Niki are well-known YouTube stars. Their videos have more than 68 million views and are viewed in different languages. In 2019, they earned $312,000 per video, which makes them one of the most popular YouTubers. This income is derived from their advertising earnings. In addition to their regular income from YouTube, they have also signed a deal with Playmates Toys.

The couple has two children together. Their daughter is an excellent gymnast, which started her career in the country. Sergey Vashketov, the couple’s father, was a successful salesman before he became a YouTube sensation. He used his business skills to help the couple build a global brand.

their age

Vlad and Niki have a net worth of $30 million. They are a married couple with two children. The older one is named Vladislav and the younger one is named Nikita. They both belong to a Russian-American family and are Christians. They have 55 thousand followers on Facebook. They also have a YouTube channel.

Their YouTube channel is very popular. Their videos focus on their life in the U.S. They often have their mom, Victoria Vashketova, and little brother, Christian, in the videos. Vlad and Niki have a multi-million subscriber base on YouTube. Their parents also have fifteen other channels.

their height

If you’re curious about Vlad and Nikita’s height and estimated net worth, then you’ve come to the right place. These YouTube stars are 3.7 feet and 3.4 feet tall, respectively. Their net worth is $30 million. Their videos have garnered over 55 thousand followers on Facebook. And they’re still growing, with their net worth projected to rise by 2021 or 2022.

Vlad and Nikita’s YouTube channel has become a huge success since the two children began vlogging. The pair has uploaded more than 380 videos to their channel, which have garnered billions of views. Their most popular video, “Playing With Colored Blocks,” has more than 63 million views. Their videos have become a hit with children all over the world.

their number of YouTube channels

Vlad and Nikita’s YouTube channel has more than 79 million subscribers and is in the top ten most-subscribed channels on the website. The two brothers have started to go global to increase their subscriber count, with videos in 18 different languages. They also have a mobile app and have signed a representation deal with Haven Global. Their videos have garnered 52 billion views in less than five years.

Another YouTuber with a large subscriber base is the Australian melody queen, Sia. Her music videos have a total of over nine billion views, and her channel has more than 18 million subscribers. In addition, Sia has directed the film Music. Another Russian YouTuber with a huge subscriber base is Vlad and Nikita, who have a channel about siblings from Russia. Their videos are popular with younger viewers and have over 16 million subscribers.

their income

The YouTube channel owned by Vlad and Nikita Vashketov is one of the most popular of its kind. The duo is Russian-American and is known for their fun videos about pretend play, traveling, and other activities. The two also have a mother and younger brother. Their videos are usually filmed in holiday destinations.

Vlad and Nikita have a YouTube channel that has more than four million subscribers and 25.2 billion views. Recently, they signed a deal with an Australian licensing agency, Haven Global. They are expected to create exclusive content for mobile games and apps. Recently, they also signed a representation agreement with Playmates Toys, a Hong Kong-based toy company.

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