Why Is Counts Kustoms Closed

If you’ve been wondering why Count’s Kustoms has closed, you’re not alone. This New Jersey auto shop was the focus of a reality television show titled Counting Cars. The show is a spin-off of the popular Pawn Stars series. In the show, the owner Danny Koker and his employees sell their custom cars, and you can watch the episode here.

Count’s Kustoms is a hotrod showroom off the Strip and home to the reality television show Counting Cars. The showroom is filled with hot rods, choppers, and works of automotive art. It’s free to visit the showroom, and the tour includes filming locations for the television show.

The cast of Count’s Kustoms first met in 1999 while working at the Evil Twin motorcycle shop. Shannon had built Danny’s first bike. After completing it, she joined the team and eventually joined Count’s Kustoms. Aikau joined the cast in 2012.

Although Scott was only on the show for Seasons one and two, he never returned. While there were no official announcements regarding his departure, fans speculate that he was arrested for embezzling funds. During the third season, another former employee was arrested for embezzling $75,000 from the business. The employees of Count’s Kustoms are not allowed to speak about the case in public.

A lawsuit filed against the lead bike builder Joseph Frontiera, who owns the Count’s Kustoms chain, alleged that he had obtained personal benefits from the business. But this suit was later dismissed, and the company believes that it was unnecessary and unjust. It’s unclear whether the lawsuit will have any impact on the company’s future. The lawsuit against Frontiera has yet to be resolved, but Count’s Kustoms says that it is unlikely to change its business.

In the meantime, the Count’s Kustoms team is still working to find a new location. Although the show’s future is uncertain, it has earned the respect of many viewers around the world. In addition to its popularity, the Count’s Kustoms team is constantly working hard to make sure that every customer has a memorable experience.

Roli Szabo, who appeared on the first episode of Count’s Kustoms, has since gone on to launch his own company. Although he has not stated his reason for leaving, speculations point to Roli being fired by the Count’s Kustoms team.

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