Xui You Have Been Banned

You may have noticed that certain websites are blocking your access, but there are ways to fix this problem. One method is to contact the website’s administrators. You can contact them through their social media pages or via email. Sometimes, they will be able to resolve the problem for you. This is a relatively simple process.

You may have been banned from the XUI server, but you can switch to another server by using the non-VPN option. This is the best way to avoid being banned. You’ll be able to use a new IP address, and access most of the same sites again.

Websites can also ban you if you repeatedly enter the wrong credentials. This is because your IP address is assigned by your ISP. They may also block you if you use VPN or try to access the website from a restricted location. Some websites also block users for fraudulent transactions. Once you’ve been banned, it’s vital to follow their terms of service and other guidelines.

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