Yeat Twizzy Rich

Yeat has released a new hit single titled “Twizzy Rich” from his debut album, Up 2 Me. This album contains 22 songs, many of which are free downloads. The album features a synth-laced drug theme. Some songs include “Taliban” and “Narcoticz,” which features Yung Kayo. Other tracks include “Call me” and “Geek high,” which features Ken Car$on. Yeat has even landed a spot on the episode of Euphoria.

Yeat’s album contains a good selection of songs, each representing a different style of rap. His lyrical style is versatile, allowing him to go in on virtually any beat. In songs such as “Double,” “Jump,” and “Smooktober,” Yeat shows off his ability to switch flows. He uses autotune to make his voice blend into the beat.

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