Amazon Hr Business Partner Salary

If you’re looking for a career in Human Resources (HR) at Amazon, you’ve come to the right place. Amazon offers a competitive salary structure that rewards your skills and experience. The average HR Business Partner salary is $93,700, but the actual number can be much higher or lower depending on experience and position. Below is a breakdown of the salary ranges for Human Resources Business Partners in Amazon.

Amazon recruited Galetti from FedEx in 2013, and she later moved to HR. Jeff Bezos’ operations chief, Dave Clark, believed that Galetti would be a great fit for a position in HR. Brad Stone, who authored the book Amazon Unbound, credited Galetti for helping Amazon recruit more people from underrepresented backgrounds.

A Human Resources Business Partner salary is dependent on experience and education. Entry-level HR Business Partners make approximately 8.5 lakhs a year, while experienced HR Business Partners earn around 14.9 lakhs a year. According to Glassdoor, a senior HR Business Partner makes $134,075.

In a recent lawsuit, Pearl Thomas, a 64-year-old Black woman who has worked for Amazon less than a year, filed suit against the company for racial discrimination. Her case is just one of five recent lawsuits against Amazon detailing shocking allegations of racial discrimination in the company.

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