American Psycho Business Card Gif

The iconic business card showdown scene from American Psycho is the subject of numerous memes. Since its 2009 release, many of these gifs have become popular, including one featuring Christian Bale as the protagonist and Willem Dafoe as the character Donald Kimball. The movie follows the life of a rich New York City investment banking executive named Patrick Bateman.

The American Psycho business card is a series of parodies and remixes of a memorable scene from the film. In the scene, Patrick Bateman examines Paul Allen’s business card. Although the card looks beautiful and well-designed, it contains an unfortunate typo. The typeface used on the business card is not monospaced, and it contains a fictional font called Silian Rail. The actual typeface, however, is Garamond Classico SC.

In the film, three business cards have the word “acquisitions” misspelled. A Twitter user noticed this typo after seeing a gif from the film. The gif was then used in an article on BuzzFeed, which featured the film’s business card typo. It has become one of the most popular memes of all time.

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