Amina Buddafly Net Worth

Amina Buddafly Net Worth

Amina Buddafly is a reality star and musician who has achieved success in both fields. Her music career and appearance on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta have cemented her reputation, earning her plenty of money in the process.

Amina was born on 18 April 1983 in Hamburg, Germany to a German and Senegalese mother. Raised with music as her soundtrack, Amina has two sisters – Jazz and Sophie – who also pursue music professionally.

In 2002, Amina and her sister moved to New York in order to pursue a singing career. They signed a record deal with J Records and Def Jam Records and released their debut single entitled Choyce in 2003.

Amina and her sisters then formed the band Black Buddafly. Although the group eventually disbanded, Amina continued her solo career which eventually led her to fame on Love & Hip Hop.

Her net worth is currently estimated to be approximately $600,000. Mostly, she makes money through her singing and acting careers. With over 143,000 Facebook fans and 2 million Instagram followers, it’s safe to assume that this figure will continue growing over time.

Amina Buddafly possesses an extraordinary talent when it comes to singing. Her discography boasts over 400 songs and she also composes many of her own compositions. As a result, Amina has won multiple awards for her singing abilities.

Amina enjoys a large fan base on social media, often posting photos and videos of herself dancing and flaunting her beautiful figure. As a proud mother to two daughters, Amina’s devotion to her family can be seen through her posts on the platform.

Amina not only has an impressive music and TV career, but she also runs a successful business venture. She owns both a French/Spanish villa in Los Angeles as well as a Range Rover Evoque SUV.

Her fame and success have exponentially increased her net worth, allowing her to purchase a home in New York City. Furthermore, she runs an acclaimed clothing and accessory business.

Amina is married to rapper Peter Gunz and they have a young child together. Together, they have co-parented their son Bronx Gunz with success.

Amina, the former Love and Hip Hop cast member, was part of an iconic love triangle that spanned four seasons. She was married to Peter Gunz while he lived with another woman, Tara Wallace.

Buddafly and her former partner have since divorced, with Buddafly moving on to pursue her own music projects. Additionally, she boasts an impressive social media presence with over 143K Facebook fans.

She boasts over 2 million followers on Instagram and she regularly uploads pictures and videos of herself. She takes great pride in her appearance and strives to maintain a fit physique.

The singer was born in Hamburg, Germany to parents who both performed music. Her dad was a jazz enthusiast while her mom loved Motown hits. After studying classical singing at an elite academy, she joined a choir and soon after joined R&B duo Black Buddafly with two sisters; they signed to a record label and released several singles under their own label.

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