Ana Maria Polo Net Worth

Ana Maria Polo Net Worth

Ana Maria Polo Net Worth

Ana Maria Polo is a renowned lawyer and television personality in the fields of law and entertainment. A breast cancer survivor, Ana has made a name for herself through human rights activism. Additionally, she serves as arbitrator on several shows while receiving several awards and honors for her efforts.

She has been in the media for many years and boasts an impressive following – over one million followers on her social media accounts alone!

Her net worth is estimated to be approximately $2.4 million. She has achieved this success through hard work and dedicating herself fully to the practice of law.

Her legal career has seen her defend clients in a variety of cases, such as divorce, adoption, custody and child support disputes. Additionally, she assisted with domestic violence matters. As part of Emmanuel Perez & Associates P.A. in Coral Gables, Florida, she serves the local community with legal expertise.

She has been an arbitrator for Telemundo’s show ‘Caso Cerrado’ since 2002 and earned several awards, including the Mickey Leland Humanitarian Achievement Award. Additionally, she wrote articles about family issues for a widely-read magazine and published a book entitled ‘Querida Dra. Polo Las Cartas Secretas de Caso Cerrado’ – earning herself substantial financial rewards as a result.

Sources indicate she has one son named Peter Key who bears the last name of her former husband. Some unconfirmed reports claim he was adopted after their marriage ended.

Ana Maria Polo was born on April 11, 1958 in Havana, Cuba to Joaquin Polo and Delia Polo. As of 2022 she will be 64 years old.

She experienced her parents’ divorce when she was young, and eventually lost her first child. Despite these setbacks, she remained determined to overcome them all and became an advocate for those with special needs. She has raised funds for organizations working on cancer research while being recognized by Stand Up To Cancer as their first Hispanic ambassador.

She has collaborated with other organizations to combat discrimination and promote equality within the Hispanic community. In 2010, she launched a new Hispanic television show entitled “Persiguiendo Injusticias,” where she sought to solve ‘cold cases’ of crime.

In 2011, she was named the first Hispanic ambassador for Stand Up To Cancer, a charity initiative that seeks to increase awareness about and funds collaborative cancer research.

The Cuban-born actress has an affinity for animals, owning several pets including dogs. Additionally, her passion for music and singing can be seen through some of her popular songs.

She is a breast cancer survivor and an inspiring role model for many women. She has collaborated with numerous organizations to raise money for research into cancer treatments, being honored as their first Hispanic ambassador by many national and international charities.

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