Andrew Ng Net Worth

Andrew Ng Net Worth – How Much Is Andrew Ng Worth?

Andrew Ng is a British-American computer scientist, entrepreneur and professor renowned for his work on machine learning and artificial intelligence. He founded Coursera – an online learning platform that partners with top universities to offer high-quality courses at no cost – as well as being director of Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab and Silicon Valley investor.

Ng is renowned for his work on machine learning and AI statistics, having previously contributed to Google Brain. He served as vice president and Chief Scientist at Baidu where his focus was on developing algorithms for natural language processing and artificial intelligence.

Ng is currently an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University and director of their Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. He has authored numerous articles and book chapters related to machine learning and artificial intelligence, earning him both the Computers & Thought Award as well as a Sloan Fellowship.

In 2008, Ng launched Stanford Engineering Everywhere (SEE), an online video version of several Stanford courses featuring his lectures as well as student materials from his CS229 course. Millions watched these videos, inspiring Ng to develop and refine new versions of online technology.

Since 2012, Ng has been a co-founder of Coursera – an innovative online education platform. As of 2019, the business had $235 million in revenue and Ng holds a minority stake.

Ng’s net worth largely stems from his work at Coursera, though he has invested in other businesses and projects as well. Furthermore, he actively invests in startup businesses and recently founded the AI Fund – a $175 million investment fund for entrepreneurs using AI technologies.

By 2022, Ng is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $2 billion. He currently resides with his wife Carol E. Reiley in Los Altos Hills, California.

His wife Carol Reiley is a computer scientist and role model. They have two children, Nova and Neo Atlas.

Ng and Reiley first met at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Kobe, Japan in 2014. Soon after they got engaged, they tied the knot.

He has earned an array of awards and recognition for his work on machine learning and artificial intelligence, including the MIT Technology Review TR35 Award (honoring 35 innovators under 35), National Academy of Sciences’ Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence Award, and Computers and Thought Award.

In 2007, Ng joined the Google Brain Advisory Board and helped design its initial algorithm. Since then, he has served on boards for numerous companies and organizations such as Baidu, Apple, and IBM.

Ng is the founder of PaddlePaddle, an open-source deep learning platform. He also founded AI Fund – a startup studio that fosters new AI companies – and Landing AI – an AI-powered SaaS platform.

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