Andy Mineo Net Worth

Andy Mineo Net Worth

Andrew Aaron Mineo Net Worth (born April 17, 1988) is an American Christian rapper, producer, music executive, and video director renowned for his solo work as well as being part of 116 Clique.

Andy Mineo was born in Syracuse, New York on April 17th, 1988 and has been a professional artist for over ten years. Throughout his career he has released various albums and singles which have cemented him as an influential figure within the hip hop community.

He is a religious rapper, and his faith has been the driving force behind his success as an artist. At first he wasn’t very spiritual but once he found God, everything changed for him. He started producing Christian music and even opened up for Jadakiss at a church gig.

His mother, Wendy Sue Kelly, raised him as a single parent despite her struggles with addiction and substance abuse that made it difficult for her to provide for her sons. Eventually she divorced Brad and relocated to Keaaau, Hawaii where she still resides today.

Andy was raised with Christianity by his sister and attended summer camp where he received Christian counseling. This shaped Andy’s decision to convert, leading him to join Syracuse University’s Marshall Street Records label with Fat Camp as their label.

After that, he formed a relationship with Chris “Oxburg” Leonard and they recorded a song together in 2001. Subsequently, both left Fat Camp to join T.R.U.C.E., an urban evangelism project.

Andy Mineo has been a highly successful singer-songwriter for more than a decade. His numerous albums and singles have achieved widespread success, earning him widespread recognition within Christian music circles.

His net worth has skyrocketed over time due to his acquisition of numerous properties and stocks, as well as luxury items like private airplanes and yachts.

He is an accomplished businessman and entrepreneur. In addition to owning the NBA’s Sacramento Kings, he founded an online dating website as well.

His annual salary is believed to be around $425,250. Additionally, he has earned a considerable amount of money through his work as an actor and singer.

Andy was often featured in movies and shows but failed to receive a great response from them. After becoming a Christian, however, his popularity skyrocketed and so did his net worth.

Many years ago, he married the love of his life, Christina Luz Delgado. She has been an amazing support to him throughout his career as a musician.

She has been an enormous support to him, especially during times of hardship. Not only has she provided him with a solid shoulder to lean on but her assistance has also allowed him to focus more on his music.

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