Antonio Mateu Lahoz Net Worth

Antonio Mateu Lahoz has become one of the country’s premier referees during his long and esteemed career in Spain’s top league. Additionally, he has been listed by FIFA as an international referee and officiated at the 2014 World Cup qualifiers and 2018 World Cup tournaments.

Referee X was removed from Qatar after offending several players, including Argentina’s Lionel Messi. Reportedly, he made their day even worse by adding extra time during their quarterfinal match against Netherlands.

Early Life and Education

Antonio Mateu Lahoz, the referee for the 2021 Champions League final, is well-recognized in football circles for adding flair and personality to games while creating more excitement – although his critics have often accused him of being biased and inconsistent.

He is one of the best-known referees in Spanish football and has officiated in high-profile games at both domestic and international levels. Additionally, he was selected as an official at World Cups and other important tournaments.

Born March 12th 1977 in Alboraya Valencia. At 44-years old he is known for being very talkative on the field – which has often caused friction with players and fans. With an unique refereeing style allowing effective communication between player and referee.

Professional Career

Antonio Mateu Lahoz, an association football referee who has been working professionally since 2008, has officiated many games in Spain’s premier division as well as many international competitions run by UEFA and others.

Recently, he presided over the Qatar World Cup quarterfinal between Argentina and Netherlands – an intense struggle that produced numerous contentious calls by him as referee.

Lionel Messi took particular issue with referee Lahoz’s calls and demanded he no longer officiate any tournament matches. Lahoz is notoriously controversial when it comes to officiating games; both admiring fans and detractors find him disconcerting; his unconventional talkative demeanor often distracts attention away from the game and sometimes leads to controversial decisions being made by Lahoz.

Achievement and Honors

Lahoz is one of Europe’s best-known referees, known for his unique officiating style which often causes controversy among players and coaches alike – particularly during high-stakes matches between rival clubs FC Barcelona and Real Madrid such as El Clasico. Lahoz has often come under scrutiny by both camps due to his decisions during matches that have led to intense rivalries being decided upon and on occasion has even come under criticism from both.

Since 2008, he has officiated La Liga matches as an association football referee and served at international competitions like 2014 World Cup qualifiers and 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifying. Earning up to $5 Million yearly as an association football referee is just part of his annual income as an association football referee.

At the World Cup quarter-final between Argentina and the Netherlands, referee Jorge Mas created considerable controversy when he issued an unprecedented number of yellow cards to both teams. Lionel Messi called him arrogant and crazy while Netherlands midfielder Frenkie de Jong accused him of being useless; FIFA later issued a warning about this referee.

Personal Life

Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz — affectionately known by all as Tono — is one of the highest-profile referees in football, infamous for his no-nonsense approach and bold personality that often causes division.

He is widely expected to replace disgraced former referee Luis Rubiales as president of the Spanish FA, having obtained “implicit” support from top La Liga clubs, match officials and FIFA’s Council Superior of Sports.

Lahoz made waves at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar for brandishing an unprecedented 18 yellow cards during an Argentina-Netherlands quarterfinal match and became widely known as an international refereeing pantomime villain. He retired in June 2023 in Spain with a guard of honour and standing ovation awaiting him at his final match; prior to that he officiated numerous high-profile matches such as Manchester City-Chelsea Champions League final matchup.

Net Worth

Antonio Mateu Lahoz is one of the world’s most well-known association football referees. Since 2008, he has been listed by FIFA to officiate matches at World Cup qualifiers and tournaments such as 2014 and 2018.

He has officiated a wide variety of LaLiga matches and also handled some UEFA Champions League fixtures during his career, often drawing criticism from fans due to his talkative approach when refereeing.

He has also caused considerable outrage with some of his decisions during rival matches between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, particularly between these teams’ key stars like Lionel Messi. Messi even claimed the ref was biased against him.

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