Designer of the Nike Dunk and Air Jordan 1

Peter Moore was a prominent figure in the sneaker industry. He played an instrumental role in creating some of the most iconic shoes and brands of his era; and was instrumental in revitalizing Adidas in the 1990s. Unfortunately, Peter passed away at age 78.

He was best-known as a designer and creative director at Nike and Adidas, best-known for designing the initial Air Jordan shoes.

Early Life and Education

Sneakerheads have mourned the passing of Peter Moore, designer of iconic Nike Dunk and Air Jordan 1 models as well as driving force in restructuring both Adidas and Nike companies. Moore was responsible for their iconic mountain stripe logo and Jumpman icon which generates billions of revenue for both companies.

Nike first hired his design agency as their client in 1977 and six years later he officially joined them as their creative director. His designs revolutionized sneakers and athletic footwear; transcended sports into cultural icons – truly iconic designs that endure. He is survived by his wife Christina and their three children.

Professional Career

Peter Moore was responsible for designing shoes that helped propel Michael Jordan and Nike into sports empires. Working for both rival companies in the sneaker industry, his designs had an immense effect on athletic footwear culture worldwide.

Chouinard Art Institute graduate, he launched his own design firm in 1976 before Nike purchased it in 1983. Together with longtime business partner Rob Strasser he established Sports Inc – an advisory service which would later lead to Nike Dunk and Air Jordan shoe lines.

Moore stood out from other top corporate executives of that era by being straightforward and plainspoken when conveying brand messaging. Additionally, he believed in what he did and his work became part of him – though seemingly quiet in person, Moore managed to transform sneaker culture in ways many others couldn’t.

Achievement and Honors

Peter Moore was an innovator in the sneaker industry, helping Michael Jordan craft iconic footwear designs before inspiring a whole new generation of Nike and Adidas designers. He codified how sneakers are constructed; many within sportswear companies saw him as an unsung hero who often went unrecognized for his efforts.

His designs transcended athletic shoes, becoming cultural icons and selling in high volumes for premium prices. He worked as design director for both Nike and Adidas after Rob Strasser died in 1993.

Moore quietly led two global brands through launch without boasting about his efforts; instead, his coworkers remember him as being humble and hard-working; his devotion to craft and strategic insights made him an invaluable member of both companies he served.

Personal Life

After founding his own design studio in 1970, Moore took on Nike as a client in 1977 before officially joining their label six years later. Moore was instrumental in helping launch Air Jordan collection; his designs became iconic cultural symbols beyond sports.

He was also responsible for designing Nike’s iconic Jumpman logo and Adidas’ Mountain Stripes emblem – two highly iconic images which continue to symbolize their respective brands today. As part of his lasting legacy, he left Nike reshaped significantly while creating new and lasting legacies within both.

Chris is survived by his wife Christina and daughter. He was an active supporter of both Liverpool Clatterbridge Cancer Center and Alder Hey Hospital; as they grieve their loss he requests privacy while his family processes his passing – he will be greatly missed in the sneaker industry.

Net Worth

Peter Moore revolutionized not just sneaker culture but global consumer culture as well. His designs and branding strategies contributed significantly to Nike’s rise during the 80s, as well as Adidas’ revival in the ’90s.

Moore was widely respected despite his immense impact; yet was modest about his work and disdained meetings; when called upon, he would often spend more time drawing logos than actually listening.

He once burst out in anger during a meeting with Nike designer Steve Sandstrom, unleashing an array of profanities that would embarrass any sailor. Yet despite all this rage he was also known for providing design input to his daughter in college and professional years; serving as a father figure figure to many coworkers as well. Tragically he passed away earlier this year.

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