Arin Hanson Net Worth

Arin Hanson Net Worth – How Much Is Arin Hanson Worth?

Arin Hanson is an American Internet celebrity, comedian, musician, voice actor, rapper and animator/cartoonist. He co-founded YouTube let’s play web series Game Grumps and holds 33% ownership in computer game parody musical group Starbomb; estimated net worth: $2 Million

Hanson was born in Margate, Florida on January 6th 1987 to parents Lloyd Hanson (a musician) and Maurette (who runs Healing Horse Therapy Center as a charity). He has an older brother named Nate whom he lives with; Hanson attended Wellington High School before leaving to become an online video creator via YouTube.

Egoraptor has also established several other YouTube channels dedicated to specific games or topics, such as dance competition show Game Showdown featuring professional dancers like Maxine Hupy. Furthermore, he has appeared on Game Grumps spin-offs such as Steam Train, Grumpcade Table Flip Hunting Monsters. Lastly he has collaborated with video game manufacturers in order to produce games specifically tailored for his channels.

Arin, a well-known YouTube personality with millions of subscribers and merchandise sales related to his web series such as T-shirts, hats, and water bottles makes his living through merchandise sales associated with these series as well as deals with sponsors or sales of short novels he writes himself.

Hanson has expanded into other ventures, such as podcasting and producing an animated television show. Additionally, he co-founded Real Good Touring with fellow Game Grumps cast member Brent Lilley that organizes tours for internet personalities and independent performers; furthermore he owns Polaris Production Studio for production purposes.

As of 2021, his channel Egoraptor had amassed more than 475 million views. Additionally, he is the primary supporter for Game Grumps which has garnered over 4.5 billion views since inception.

Hanson and Suzy Berhow, who is also an internet content creator, reside in Glendale California and met at an anime convention in 2002 before dating for several years before eventually marrying in 2013. Although they don’t yet have children together, their relationship is extremely successful and the perfect example of hard work and determination producing results; we wish them an excellent future!

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