Art Alexakis Net Worth

Art Alexakis Net Worth – Musician, Songwriter, Actor and Activist

Art Alexakis is an American musician, songwriter and composer best known as lead vocalist/guitarist of grunge rock band Everclear. However, his musical talents extend far beyond Everclear; he has written multiple solo albums as well as collaborating on projects with other artists as a composer. Furthermore, Art has been active politically supporting various causes through various causes he advocates for.

Art Alexakis’ net worth has been estimated at an estimated $2 Million dollars, earned through his primary career of songwriting, guitar playing, musical composition and acting roles in film and television. Additionally, Art has long been active as an advocate for many causes ranging from drug addiction recovery and multiple sclerosis awareness to politics; during 2016 United States presidential election campaign.

Alexakis was left without parental care when he was still young, so he and his sister spent most of their formative years living with their grandmother and aunt. They moved around, attending various schools throughout his upbringing. Alexakis began as a session musician before transitioning into being an artist himself with several albums released, works featured in films as well as writing scripts and hosting radio shows – all before reaching adulthood!

He is a member of the Democratic party and an activist for various causes, including drug awareness programs and entertaining military families. Additionally, he served as a delegate at the Democratic national convention as well as supporting candidates running for presidential offices.

Alexakis has made an illustrious career out of music, having founded multiple record labels and working as A&R representative for major record companies. Additionally, he was involved with multiple bands before contributing soundtracks for television shows and movies – garnering multiple awards and nominations along the way.

Alexakis has been married three times. His first wife, Jenny Dodson, whom he married in 1995 but divorced two years later gave birth to Annabella Rose; from 2000 until 2004 they were engaged; currently they are in a relationship with Vanessa Crawford.

Art Alexakis was born Arthur Paul Alexakis on April 12th 1962 in Los Angeles. At 57, Art is an acclaimed Rock singer. With an incredible fan following across the world and having performed on many famous songs. Art also boasts an outstanding personality and great looks: his height stands 5ft 10 inch while he regularly attends gym workout sessions to keep himself in top condition while keeping his diet relatively healthy without eating fast food or junk. Art also loves his family & friends deeply as well as having an engaging sense of humor & positive approach towards life & has an excellent social life.

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