Audrey Mae Kinnear

Audrey Mae Kinnear was born in New York. She is the famous child of actor Greg Kinnear who is an Oscar nominee. Some of his most notable roles include “The Kennedys,” “As Good As It Gets,” and “Little Miss Sunshine.” His TV credits include the popular shows Modern Family, Rake, Talk Soup, and The O.C., as well as several other notable films.

Audrey Mae Kinnear was born on 13 June 2006, and her parents are Greg Kinnear and Helen Labdon. They were both executive assistants at the company when they first met. They dated for several years before tying the knot in October 2003. The parents of daughter Lily Katherine Kinnear are also the actress’ parents. Audrey Mae Kinnear is a cast member of “Downton Abbey,” a NBC reality series.

Despite rumors of a divorce, Audrey Mae Kinnear seems to be happy with her parents. Audrey Mae’s parents own a $3.6 million Los Angeles property. It was purchased by the couple in 2017 and put up for sale at $6 million by 2021. Her father has earned a fortune in the entertainment industry for over two decades. Audrey’s parents are active in the community. Her younger sister Kate Grace won multiple contests.

Jennifer Lopez is another popular television star. Jennifer Lopez’s father was educated at the American Community Schools in Athens. He also graduated from the University of Arizona, in 1985. He was the host of “College Mad House” (Best of the Worst) and is the host of “Talk Soup”. Their marriage has been a long-lasting one. Rumours of a divorce are not confirmed.

Audrey Kinnear is the second child of Australian parents. Her older sister, Lily Katherine Kinnear, was born in 2003. Kate Grace, her younger sister was born in October 2009. Both of her children are gaining popularity and she is a green belt in Karate. She has won numerous medals at karate competitions. She is a talented actor who has an impressive resume.

Helen and Greg married in the 11th century Boxgrove Priory Church. After the wedding, they had a secret honeymoon. The couple experienced a devastating miscarriage during 2001. Their baby, five months old, was stillborn. Helen’s tragic accident prompted her mother to quit modeling. At nineteen, she began modeling and was published in Praline Magazine. She is now a writer.

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