Flying Pole

The flying pole is an unusual apparatus that combines various circus disciplines. The aerial pole combines skills from trapeze, Chinese pole, handloop work, as well as trapeze. You should have experience in spinning and orbiting in the air, as well as inverting without assistance, before enrolling in this class. It is also helpful if you have completed training on another apparatus. Here are some tips to help you fly on a pole. This apparatus is not recommended for beginners.

Aerial rigging is required for flying poles. These poles are suspended from an aerial truss and attached to carabiner ports or ‘A-Frames to make them fly. To hang a traveling pole, you need at least ten feet of ceiling height. Your pole will be longer if your ceiling is higher than your ceiling. Make sure your ceiling is at least 10 feet high to be safe. To keep you safe, the pole should be at most 18ft in length.

You should know that flying poles are dangerous if you do not take the necessary safety precautions. Proper training is crucial for your safety. To ensure your safety, you should use crash mats as well as a spotter. You can also check with your local government or safety department for regulations. If you’re still unsure about the flying poles safety standards, consult an aerial pole training specialist or professional. These professionals can help you decide if this equipment is safe to fly.

Flying a flying pole will allow you to perform amazing tricks, climbs, and other skills. For an exciting performance, you will be able combine pole fitness with aerial skills. You will also get to improve your pole fitness, and you’ll look better than ever! This article contains affiliate links and may earn a commission if you choose to purchase a product after clicking one. For more information on the benefits of flying pole training, click here!

To learn how to fly with a flying pole, you’ll need to train and practice aerial fitness. Aerial fitness helps to strengthen your core muscles, as well as your arms and legs. Aerial poles combine aerial silks with pole dancing. The pole is suspended from a stable mounting, which allows it to swing freely above ground. If you’re new to aerial fitness, you can begin with free-floating poles for a more challenging challenge. Alternatively, you can start with aerial pole with Aerial Silks cloths. As you get more experience with flying poles, your flexibility and expression in aerial dancing can increase.

Chinese poles are slightly bigger than traditional poles. They can reach a diameter of up to 50mm. Chinese poles are useful for learning the fundamental elements, like pairing numbers and practicing difficult tricks at high heights. The Chinese pole helps improve the precision of your arms and allows for a wide variety of tricks. This pole can help even the most difficult moves be learned. This is a spectacular and dangerous form of circus art. This article will teach you how to fly a flying stick.

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