Best Nba Free Agents Available

After a disappointing season with the Dallas Mavericks last year, Dennis Schroder has entered free agency in search of a new team. He isn’t younger, but he has a lot of experience and is a good 3-and-D option. He is also one of the best players available in the current market. He’s likely to find a new home soon, but the timeline for that will depend on his contract.

There are a lot of intriguing free agents available this offseason, but there are a few that stand out above the rest. These players have proven themselves on the court and have the potential to become star players in the NBA. Listed below are the best free agents available this offseason.

Despite his age, JR Smith is a very mature player who has embraced his role in the NBA. He could be an asset to any team. Smith can defend the backcourt and can also make contested shots. He should be a better fit for the Sacramento Kings. As a free agent, he will be a valuable addition to a contender.

The most intriguing free agent this offseason is Deandre Ayton. The Phoenix Suns are in pursuit of a trade involving Kevin Durant, which means Ayton will remain unsigned until the Suns make a deal. While that’s the case, Ayton could sign with the Indiana Pacers, which has cap space to sign him. Or, he could return to the Suns on a long-term deal or a one-year qualifying offer.

Another intriguing free agent to keep an eye on this offseason is Reggie Jackson. He has recently become an unrestricted free agent after failing to receive a qualifying offer from the Bulls. Despite his age, Jackson is a valuable addition to any roster, especially for a team in desperate need of bench depth.

The Warriors made a good move by bringing in Nikola Jokic. His new deal is the richest ever in the league, and he’s a very good value. The Serbian averaged 26.7 points, 12.3 rebounds, 8.1 assists, 1.4 steals, and 58/36/84 shooting splits over the past two seasons. He’ll likely be a first-round pick in many fantasy drafts.

Justin Anderson: The shooting guard has bounced around a few teams in the NBA since his rookie season, but his offensive skills have improved over the last two seasons. He has plus size for a point guard, and he also has good defensive instincts. In addition, he has the versatility to run a second-unit offense.

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