Bluetooth: Hci0: Security Requested But Not Available

If you encounter this error message, you probably have a Bluetooth 5.0 adapter in your computer. If you’re having this problem, you can try the following steps to resolve it: Remove the adapter from your computer, and then plug it back in again. Once you’ve fixed the issue, your Bluetooth adapter should work normally.

hciconfig: The hciconfig tool allows you to configure Bluetooth controllers. It displays basic device information about all Bluetooth devices in the system. The name of the device is displayed along with the MAC address. In Linux, you can change the name of the device by using the name subcommand. This command is available in the Bluetooth daemon configuration file. You can also use the hcitool application to scan for Bluetooth devices in your system and get information about their status.

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communication standard. It’s usually used to connect audio devices to PCs. The BluetoothUser/a2dp page has additional information for developers. If you have a Debian system, check out the Bluetooth page. It describes the packaging of Bluetooth within the Debian operating system.

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