Billie Eilish Dreads

Billie Eilish, despite her blond locks has experimented with different hair colors. From acid green to jet black, she has certainly managed to grab people’s attention. The singer is now announcing Happier Than Ever, her second album. In addition, she has been spotted on numerous photo shoots, complaining about the pressure of being photographed.

Eilish is a natural social animal. During her recent tour, she chose Denzel Curry, a hip-hop rapper, to be her support act. However, she has also lost many friends along the way. She is lucky enough to have a handful of close friends. In fact, she met her son Drew when he was nine years old, and her daughter Zoe when she was three. The two children are both featured on her new album. Although Eilish lives in her own apartment, she still sleeps at her parents’ home.

Bieber’s dreads also came under fire after the singer posted a photo of himself with the hairstyle on Instagram. The controversy surrounding the singer’s hairstyle, which is rooted in Afro-Caribbean culture has a long history. He knows he will be criticized. Justin Bieber, only 27, has already been in the news. Despite the backlash, he looks cute with his dreads. He picks his hair up in a funny way. A similar effect can be seen with Emma Bunton.

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