Jason Oppenheim Shirtless

Jason Oppenheim, the star of “This Is Us,” posed shirtless for a new photo after season 4. The photo of the former actor and model has gotten the internet buzzing. In the image, Oppenheim is bare-chested while holding hands with a woman. The photo was also shared on Twitter. It’s unclear if the couple is still dating, but the relationship between Oppenheim and Stause will be an interesting one.

The couple dated for a few years before splitting. They became friendly and even shared custody of their two dogs. The couple were photographed together with Chrishell Stause in May 2021. The couple revealed their relationship in the following month, but later announced their separation. They are still best friends. The photos were also released when they confirmed the breakup six months later. Jason Oppenheim and Chrishell Stause were still good friends six months after the breakup.

Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim were a couple in 2021, but they eventually broke up. The two met in the first season of “Selling Sunset,” where Oppenheim had a brief relationship with Stause. They are not married, but their relationship is still a major plot point in season five. If they ever do get together, they should try to settle down.

A look back at the past and the present of Oppenheim and Stause’s relationship will make their relationships even sexier. The former couple dated for several years, but he couldn’t imagine the challenge of juggling two careers as parents and running the Oppenheim Group. The topic of having children was the reason for their split. The Oppenheims couldn’t figure out how to have children while still running The Oppenheim Group, it seems.

Jason Oppenheim rose to fame when he starred in Selling Sunset, a show on Netflix that follows the real estate world of Los Angeles. He and his twin brother Brett Oppenheim co-founded the Oppenheim Group real estate brokerage in Los Angeles, which they still own today. Both of them studied law at the University of California Berkeley and received a Juris Doctorate. After that, they began selling luxury real estate properties in Hollywood. As season four of Selling Sunset began, the Oppenheim Group announced a second location in Newport Beach.

Chrishell and Jason started dating in Season 5. They first announced their relationship on Instagram in July. Chrishell then frozen her eggs in December. The two remained “best friends” despite the split. Nevertheless, Jason hasn’t been linked to anyone since the breakup. According to his co-star Mary, the two are still in love. It’s unclear whether they’re still in love with each other, but their breakup is still painful for both of them.

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