Brady Bunch Living Room

The Brady Bunch House was a sitcom that ran for five seasons on television. It is now a popular tourist attraction. It is actually the second most photographed house, with 30 to 50 people visiting it each day. While the living room in the Brady Bunch house is still relatively untouched, the rest of the house is much different. These are some things you might not know, but you’ll be glad you do.

Living plants are a great way to add lushness to the Brady Bunch home. Living plants can soften the appearance of high-end geometric furniture. Better Homes and Gardens recommend choosing easy-to-grow houseplants, like trailing pothos, or a mounding spider plant. The Brady Bunch house would also be a good fit for orange flowers and flowering maples.

To create an authentic Brady family look, consider using pieces from the show. The Brady house’s dining set is also very recognizable, with eight chairs and coordinated kitchen furniture. The Brady house’s dining room was the focal point of many family conversations, and the Bradys’ brightly colored cushions made it an appealing choice for the 1970s. There are even a few things to consider when choosing furniture, including where to source it.

It may be difficult to find the original Brady horse but it is possible to find it on Wayfair for a fraction the price. It’s possible to find a replica that looks as close as possible, even though it may be more difficult. Finding the right piece is the hardest part. If you are lucky enough to find one, it will be a bargain. A good starting point is to buy an identical replica at an online store.

It was interesting to note that the home of a TV celebrity’s father was often a copy of theirs, though some of the pieces were reupholstered. Robert Reed, who played the father in the series, is a favorite. He was however cut from the final episode of the series due to his fights with producers. It’s not surprising that the Bradys were so passionate about animals. Even a replica of their living space is a great place for family time and to spend quality time together.

The Brady Bunch house was made famous by many celebrities. However, HGTV has yet to reveal the plans for the property. Fans hoped for a public tour of the house, but it is currently zoned as a residential residence. Tours are not possible because of this. Barry Williams, the owner of the house, explained that the house is not zoned for commercial use, but has remained in the family for decades.

Another fun addition to the recreation room is a Crosley reproduction payphone. The payphone is a fun item that can be used by Brady fans. The payphone, which Brady had installed in the Season 1 episode “Sorry, Right Number,” was an excellent addition to the recreation area. It may help younger generations to appreciate the Brady nostalgia. A Brady bunch replica is a fun way decorate your living room.

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