Jack Nicholson Hair

One of the most famous Hollywood celebrities is Jack Nicholson, who loves the LA Lakers. The star might have been spotted on the courtside during Wednesday’s OT victory over the Rockets. A Staples Centre employee may have been puzzled by the smell of his hair. However, the actor is more at home playing eccentric characters. Here’s how to identify Nicholson’s distinctive odor.

As a renowned actor, Nicholson’s hairline receded at a very young age. He adopted the receding hairline in early movies and it became his signature look. It helped his expressive eyebrows. Nicholson was never ashamed of his receding hairline, and it’s evident in his work. Producer, actor, and filmmaker Nicholson has accepted his receding hairline.

Nicholson explains how he created the Joker’s iconic green hair during the production of Batman 1989. Tim Burton initially wanted Nicholson to have bright green hair like the Joker in comics, but Nicholson countered that the color would make him look like a clown. He proved his innocence when he tried on a bright green wig.

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