Brandi From Storage Wars Net Worth

Is Brandi Passante From Storage Wars Married?

Brandi and Jarrod are a couple who has been together for two decades. They are considered to be one of the longest dating reality TV couples. Their popularity was increased after the success of their show Storage Wars.

Before meeting Jarrod, Brandi was interested in being a chef. She met him while working for a carpet cleaning company. Later, she worked on the reality show Brandi and Jarrod, which was produced by A&E. As the show became more popular, the two developed into stronger players.

The couple was introduced to the storage auction industry. It was suggested to Jarrod by an aunt. When the couple started the business, they were initially not successful. After a few years, they began to gain in popularity and made good deals. In 2010, they started the show Storage Wars.

During the first season of the show, Jarrod shocked Brandi with a proposal. After meeting the couple, the show makers decided to take the pair in. But in the first season, the couple had only the smallest financial resources. With their low resources, they had to come up with creative ways to earn. Eventually, they expanded their thrift empire and created the “Now and Then” store.

Brandi Passante was one of the first cast members to appear on the show. She was reportedly the least financially stable of all the cast members. However, she impressed the series makers with her realistic bidding skills. While on the show, she became a fan favorite.

Since joining the show, Brandi and Jarrod have become huge celebrities. The couple owns a mansion and a luxury car collection. They have two children. One of the kids, their youngest, was born deaf. Though the couple is still active in the television industry, they keep their personal lives private.

Earlier in the year, the couple split up. But they have been quietly rebuilding their relationship. Brandi recently participated in a heated argument with Jarrod. Although the couple has been in a public feud, they have kept their personal lives secret. This is why fans have been wondering if Brandi and Jarrod are married.

Brandi and Jarrod are still active in the television industry. She has her own series and she has also appeared on other shows. Currently, she is starring in Season 13 of Storage Wars. Her net worth is estimated at $2 million. By 2022, she is expected to have a net worth of $3 million.

Brandi and Jarrod have two children. According to Brandi, she plans to spend more time with her children. Additionally, she has helped victims of domestic violence through her non-profit organization called Women Own Worth.

Storage Wars has had tremendous success on the A&E network. Many cast members have earned significant money from the show. Thom Beers, the voice narrator for all episodes, has the largest net worth on the show. He has an annual salary of about $1.5 million. Other cast members are Dusty Riach and Justin.

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