Brian Barczyk Net Worth

Brian Barczyk Net Worth – How Much Is Brian Barczyk Worth?

Brian Barczyk, best known for his appearances on Discovery Channel’s television series Venom Hunters and hosting YouTube web series AnimalBytesTV with over 750,000 subscribers on social media channels, hails from Detroit Michigan and has an obsession with snakes ever since he was two. Brian has even created a special reptile enclosure called “The Reptarium”, dedicated solely to reptiles owned by himself; additionally he operates his own breeding business which provides animals and supplies directly to fans.

His primary source of earnings comes from YouTube vlogs that showcase his life as a reptile breeder and share care and keeping tips for snakes. Furthermore, he has collaborated with influencers and celebrities in order to broaden his reach and engage followers; ultimately inspiring many individuals to pursue their goals regardless of any obstacles that might come their way.

Barczyk had a complicated relationship with snakes when he was growing up with his mother who disapproved of having one as a pet and encouraged him to train horses instead. Yet snakes always held an allure for him and so in 2008, he opened BHB Reptiles which has since been operating. Through its success he has traveled all around the world attending educational conferences as well as appearing on popular TV programs like BBC and NatGeo shows.

His YouTube vlogs highlight various animals and his life as a snake breeder, providing viewers with information on proper handling and care of snakes as well as other reptiles. Furthermore, these videos also promote his products while making money through advertising on them.

He currently boasts over 3.68 million subscribers on YouTube, as of 2020. Additionally, his business the Reptarium sells reptiles and provides private tours of its facility; among its inhabitants are pythons, boas, two-headed snakes like Sheba as well as numerous species of reptiles.

He is married and the proud parent of two children named Noah and Jade, living in a luxurious home and owning many branded cars and gadgets. With such an expansive social circle – many celebrities know him personally – enjoying spending their free time together as well as on Instagram with a huge following; often seen at public events and offering his positive energy to encourage all around him; sharing his journey on social media encourages his followers; serves as role model to all age groups while advocating animal welfare; is particularly fond of reptiles which is something which has earned him much appreciation from public figures as well.

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