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Brian Culbertson Net Worth, Wiki Biographie Age Family Affairs Car Business And More.

Brian Culbertson (born January 12 1973 in Decatur, Illinois) is an American contemporary jazz/R&B/funk instrumentalist producer and performer. Additionally he composes music in smooth jazz arena and has collaborated with artists like Dave Koz, Peter White and Richard Elliot as composers and performers in their smooth jazz arena projects. Additionally he can multi-instrumentally including piano, trombone drums bass trumpet.

John Scofield has become well-known for his mix of contemporary jazz and funk music over two decades of success in the music industry. His most well-known albums are Bringing Back the Funk and A Soulful Christmas; in collaboration with musicians such as Boney James and Kenny Lattimore. Additionally, he has won multiple awards for his efforts within music.

Culbertson first made waves when he recorded and sent a demo tape to Bud Harner of Los Angeles for review and recording deals. Soon thereafter, Culbertson began releasing albums – eventually recording over 20 different ones and winning 18 No.1 Billboard Contemporary Jazz Albums; also being nominated for a Grammy Award nomination.

Culbertson has collaborated with many artists in the smooth jazz genre throughout his career, such as vocalists Oleta Adams, Faith Evans and Kenny Lattimore. Additionally, he is an ace multi-instrumentalist; playing keyboards, trombone, drums, bass trumpet and euphonium. Additionally, Culbertson has composed music for movies and television shows including NCIS.

His debut album, Long Night Out, became a chart-topper and gave him his big break into music industry. Since then he has released more albums that highlight his signature blend of contemporary jazz and funk music.

Culbertson and Michelle have two children together and she plays an instrumental role as his manager in the music industry. Together they enjoy an amazing relationship and are close. Both parties are proud of what they have accomplished thus far in music as they hope to keep doing what they love – making the world better through music creation – which drives them both together! They have an exceptional work ethic and never give up their dreams which makes their relationship so successful; we wish them both all of our best wishes in their future endeavors!

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