Cardi B Rumor Weed

Cardi B’s recent Instagram Livestream caused quite a stir and prompted a number of comments about marijuana use. Later, she clarified her comments on Twitter. The singer claimed that Hip-Hop is too slow s ###”, and implied that the trend was due to artists smoking too much marijuana. Although the rapper denied it, a tweet later suggested that she may have meant to say she smoked marijuana.

While the rumors surrounding Cardi B’s marijuana use are speculative, there’s no denying that the rapper is incredibly popular and highly quotable. After all, she has been named the funniest celebrity in recent years. The rapper’s recent arrest, which came as the result of a complaint filed by hotel management, has left fans wondering what the real story is. Cardi B’s alleged marijuana usage has sparked a heated public debate about whether or not she uses the drug.

In recent months, Offset’s relationship with Cardi B has been a hot topic. In 2017, Offset and the singer were accused of cheating on one another. Both sides claim the other is to blame. The rapper denied the allegations, but she is not the only celebrity to be a victim of the scandal. And while some may find it hard to believe, she certainly has no reason to deny cheating on her boyfriend.

Cardi B’s relationship with Offset came to a head in June. Cardi and Offset were first linked in June when Up’s rapper teased a collaboration. But the pair were linked again in 2016 when he teased a new track with the rapper. Cardi and Offset were seen together at the Super Bowl. This was their first date. In the last few years, Offset has released a number of singles.

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