Daisy Ridley Hit And Run

Twitter is abuzz with rumors that Daisy Ridley ran into someone. The actress is reportedly accused of vehicular manslaughter at the age of 16. However, the story is far from true. Many Twitter users make fun of Daisy Ridley’s alleged crime. Even Adam Sandler once faced a false story about himself, which he quickly deleted. Ridley didn’t commit any crime, however.

The rumor is based on a tweet that was shared by the account @baklavalamp. Although the account has been locked, someone managed to screen-cap it. Although it is not clear if the tweet is true, it is clear that it was a joke and a prank. The internet is now awash with Daisy Ridley memes. The actress is reportedly innocent, but it will be interesting to see how she’s punished.

After her trilogy as Rey was completed, Daisy Ridley had difficulty finding roles in Hollywood. The last two films in the Star Wars franchise were critical and fan-divided, and Ridley struggled to find a role after that. She auditioned for a few roles in 2020 but was denied. It may be the reason why Ridley has been out of work for so long.

While Daisy Ridley has not yet confirmed her role in the MCU, there are many possibilities for her. She could be the next Captain Marvel or a leading role in a Disney+ series or Marvel movie. The possibilities are endless. It’s exciting just to imagine her journey into the MCU. We’ll keep watching her films over the years. Just keep an eye out for more details!

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