Carol Lynley Net Worth

Carol Lynley Net Worth – How Much Is Carol Lynley Worth?

Carol Lynley was an American actress, singer and model best known for her roles in numerous films and television shows as an actress and pin-up girl. Born 13 February 1942 in Manhattan New York City to an Irish father named Cyril Jones and an Italian mother Frances who worked as a waitress, Lynley began modeling at 15 when Life magazine featured her cover picture and later went on to pose for Playboy magazine; dating renowned actors Christopher Connelly (in a relationship), Red Buttons Stuart Whitman James Earl Jones were all known names she encountered throughout her 60s career – while being featured as Life’s cover model at 15 – and eventually becoming Life’s cover star before finally passing away at age 77 on 13 February 2019 after having made one last pose of Playboy magazine magazine cover photo.

Lynley made her acting debut with a powerful performance in the 1959 drama Blue Denim. Lynley brought an extraordinary maturity and nuanced intensity to her portrayal of a teenager struggling with unintended pregnancy at a time when such topics rarely made an appearance on screen – something for which she received a Golden Globe nomination as best supporting actress.

In the early 1960s, she signed a contract with 20th Century Fox and soon found herself cast in several original roles like Return to Peyton Place, Hound Dog Man and The Last Sunset. Lynley quickly gained popularity with teenage audiences who connected with her coming-of-age stories; television audiences tuned in regularly as she appeared on series like Alcoa Hour, Kaiser Aluminium Hour and Kolchak: The Night Stalker as well as popular shows such as Love Boat, Kojak and Hart to Hart as guest stars.

She made multiple TV appearances including prime time soap operas such as The Guiding Light and The Brady Bunch as well as various interstitial showbiz segments such as New with Nelson and Australia’s #1 morning show Sunrise.

Lynley rose to stardom during the 1960s when she starred in films like Rabbit, The Cardinal, Bunny Lake is Missing and The Pleasure Seekers. In 1972 she made an impressioning performance in disaster flick classic The Poseidon Adventure which went on to become one of the highest grossing movies that year.

Carol Lynley reportedly earned most of her fortune through acting, endorsements and sales of her fragrance line. Additionally, Carol owns property and investments such as a yacht and house; additionally she collects personal collections as an avid art collector.

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