Caroline Stanbury Ex Husband Net Worth

What is Caroline Stanbury’s Ex Husband Net Worth?

Caroline Stanbury is a well-known reality TV star, appearing on various shows like Ladies of London and Real Housewives of Dubai. In addition, this English socialite has built herself an enviable career as a shoe designer and fashion influencer – as such her estimated net worth stands at over $30 Million; many remain curious about his estimated wealth as well.

Cem Habib and Caroline Stanbury had been married for 15 years before their divorce was finalized in 2019. While living together in Holland Park, west London and owning a 12,500 square-foot mansion at Virginia Water West of London. Both partners enjoyed frequent vacations together as well as lavish gift giving – it is estimated that these assets totalled an estimated $50 Million combined prior to their separation.

Since their divorce, Stanbury has become increasingly engaged with her business ventures since their separation. She launched a furniture line with ECmylife and beauty expert services as well as an Apple Podcast called Divorced Not Dead that currently ranks one of its highest rated shows.

She serves as brand ambassador for several luxury brands such as Accor Hotels Group, Jacob & Co Jewellery and Cosmesurge. Furthermore, she owns her own shoe studio with an impressive client list including Cosmesurge. Furthermore, she uses Instagram to promote various products.

Over the past several years, her net worth has seen significant growth due to working with an established management company who have assisted with overseeing her various business ventures.

Socialite Emily Stanbury will appear in an upcoming season of Bravo show Real Housewives of Dubai. Her castmates include Emaan Virani, Noor Zakaria, and Fatima Al Suwaidi; it will premiere June 1, 2022.

Prior to being featured on the show, Stanbury was a regular on Ladies of London. Beginning her career as a public relations professional and meeting people like actors Hugh Grant and Sylvester Stallone along with footballer Ryan Giggs; among many more. She currently resides with her daughter Yasmine while dating former professional soccer player Sergio Joss Carrallo Pendas who previously played with Real Madrid but now owns his own private bank.

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