Cave Shake Net Worth

Charles Barkley Net Worth and Cave Shake Net Worth

Those of you watching ABC’s Shark Tank show would likely have seen Holly Heath and Billie Cavallaro’s dairy-free shake, Cave Shake. Made of coconut milk and tasting like melting ice cream, it contains low calories with no added sugars or glutens and can be taken either as a snack or meal replacement shake.

The two entrepreneurs had sought a $250,000 investment from the Sharks in exchange for 10% ownership. Unfortunately, none were interested in investing. Kevin O’Leary in particular felt their incubator deal with LA Libations was unfair while other Sharks including Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, and Robert Herjavec opted out.

Charles Barkley of Guest Shark fame came to their aid and offered them $250,000 in exchange for 20% of their company. To their shock and amazement, Charles refused their request to reduce it down to 14% or 18% ownership stakes; yet another surprise!

After appearing on Shark Tank, the duo began experiencing tremendous success with their business. Sales increased and they even partnered with an incubator in order to expand their market reach. Since then, their shakes have been renamed Space Shake and they plan on releasing additional flavors as they expand their market reach.

Charles Barkley Net Worth

The founders of this company were motivated to make healthy shakes that would assist people with losing weight and improving their health. Both partners are avid keto-paleo dieters. Billie used keto to recover from her injuries by following this diet to minimize delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

Shakes by Remark are currently available throughout Southern California in specialty health food stores and online at Amazon, while also building up a substantial social media following. Remark plans on adding more flavors while simultaneously decreasing calories per serving; as well as new packaging with bar version.

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