Cch Pounder Net Worth

CCH Pounder Net Worth – How Much Is CCH Pounder Worth?

CCH Pounder, born in Guyana and hailing from American Samoa, is a Guyanese actress best known for playing Mo’at in James Cameron’s Avatar alongside Zoe Saldana. Additionally she has appeared in other popular films and TV shows.

Born in Georgetown, British Guiana (now Guyana), she moved to the United States in 1970 in order to attend Ithaca College.

Pounder began her acting career in the early 80s as a guest star on Hill Street Blues and soon after appeared on numerous other series such as The Cosby Show, LA Law and Robocop 3. From 1994-97 she held an Emmy Award-winning role on drama ER.

Pounder transitioned from film acting into TV and small-screen projects during the new millennium. She continued appearing on Law and Order as well as The Shield (FX police drama). On The Shield she played Detective Claudette Wyms which earned two Satellite Awards and three Emmy nominations, and she also has appeared in movie roles like Demon Knight and Face Off.

Pounder has managed to lead an active yet healthy lifestyle despite her busy schedule, traveling extensively throughout the world while following a healthy diet and engaging in regular physical exercise. Furthermore, she remains engaged on social media by regularly sharing photos from her daily life with fans.

Pounder has also taken part in charitable projects. She and Boubacar Kone were avid art enthusiasts who created the Musee Boribana in Dakar, Senegal – considered to be one of the first modern art galleries. Kone passed away at 74 in 2016.

Pounder and actor Eric McCormack began dating in 2012 and remain together. While they’ve been seen together several times since, neither have spoken openly about their relationship. Pounder has four children from her previous marriages, including a daughter she shares with a French rapper. In addition, Pounder has worked as a model and voiceover artist, loves animals (she owns several pet dogs), has restored homes in New Orleans, and restores herself as much of possible in her free time. Pounder has long been an advocate of women’s rights, leading campaigns for equality in the workplace and domestic violence prevention. Additionally, she fervently champions gay rights – she worked with the AIDS Foundation on research. Furthermore, she made appearances at numerous charity events where money was raised for various causes while working closely with United Nations organizations to increase HIV/AIDS awareness in Africa.

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