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Christine McIntyre Net Worth – Who is Christine McIntyre?

Hugh McCollum signed Christine up to a 10-year comedy shorts contract starting in 1945, where she appeared with The Stooges, Shemp Howard and other Columbia stars such as Frank Zappa during this period.

She graduated from Aquinas Dominican High School in 1928 and from Chicago Musical College with a bachelor of voice degree in 1933.

Early Life and Education

Christine McIntyre was born in Nogales, Arizona to John Edward and Edna Barnaby McIntyre in 1911. She had an older sister named Annes whom passed away quite young.

McIntyre was known for her exceptional singing voice, leading her to enroll at Chicago Musical College where she received a scholarship. There she studied both voice and music until mid 1930 when she began acting in Hollywood.

Early in her career, Columbia Pictures producer Hugh McCollum signed Christine to a decade-long contract. Over this timeframe, Christine appeared in many short subjects with Shemp Howard, Andy Clyde, Joe Besser, Bert Wheeler and Hugh Herbert, with Wife Decoy serving as an ideal showcase for her capabilities as both charming heroines, villains and flighty socialites – each role executed flawlessly by this talented actress.

Professional Career

Christine McIntyre was a popular blonde in the 1940s. Beginning her film career with RKO musicals and B-movie westerns in 1937 alongside Buck Jones and Crash Corrigan, Christine then signed a contract with Columbia Shorts Department where she appeared in several comedic shorts alongside Moe Howard or Buster Crabbe.

At the studio, she played many roles – from beautiful heroines to evil villains and flighty socialites – across an impressive spectrum. Additionally, she appeared in some feature films such as News Hounds (1949).

McIntyre began her short film career sporting dark locks; however, in 1944 she dyed them blonde to remain that color for the duration of her short film career.

Achievement and Honors

Christine McIntyre was an actress best known for her roles with the Three Stooges. A graduate of Chicago Musical College with a stunning operatic soprano voice.

By 1944, she had been “discovered” by Columbia Pictures comedy shorts producer Hugh McCollum and signed a ten year contract. McCollum and director Edward Bernds utilized her talent by providing well-written comedic material that stretched and challenged her acting ability; these roles included charming heroines, cunning villains, and flighty socialites all with equal proficiency.

In Danny Kaye’s 1947 film THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY, she makes an all too brief appearance as the head of lingerie department at a department store and gives Kaye an important package containing lingerie products. Furthermore, it marks her first experience working in color!

Personal Life

Christine McIntyre was born in Nogales, Arizona on April 16th 1911 and had two sisters (Marion McIntyre Walecki and Annes McIntyre Martin). Due to her stunning singing voice and exceptional abilities she eventually received a Bachelor of Music degree from Chicago Musical College in 1933.

Her first success with the Stooges came with 1945’s MICRO-PHONIES, in which she showed off her operatic soprano voice. Following this short’s success, she signed a 10-year contract with Columbia shorts producer Hugh McCollum and appeared in numerous shorts over that period.

She married J. Donald Wilson, an early radio producer/writer/actor in 1953 and eventually retired from acting to focus on real estate work before her death on July 8, 1984 in Van Nuys, California and burial at Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City.

Net Worth

Christine McIntyre is an award-winning actress and real estate tycoon who rose to prominence after appearing on Netflix reality series Selling Sunset. Since then, she has also created RealOpen Realty Company as her own brokerage firm.

In 1944 she signed a 10-year contract with Columbia Pictures and began appearing in two-reel comedies that would play before feature films in theaters. Her first Stooge short was the Shemp Howard and Larry Fine comedy Idle Roomers (released 7/16/1944), after which she frequently took on roles of both villainesses and heroines throughout her films career.

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