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Grant Horvat – Golfer and Social Media Influencer

Grant Horvat is an American golfer who makes considerable revenue through various channels. He is best known for his content on YouTube and Tiktok; often working alongside Garret Clark to produce videos with high viewer counts.

Affiliate marketing allows the duo to make additional money. By sharing special links for products like golf clothes from PRIMO with their followers and collecting commission when someone buys these products, the affiliate marketing model makes a profit for both of them.

Early Life and Education

Grant Horvat is a talented golfer and social media influencer. He is well known on YouTube for his golf videos and boasts a large following on TikTok as well.

After graduating high school, he attended Palm Beach Atlantic University for four years. During this time he competed in numerous junior tournaments; however, casual gaming with friends was more his forte.

He decided to explore creating golf content. Together with Garret Clark, they began producing videos for YouTube; later expanding their production to other platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. Their YouTube videos quickly attracted an enormous following; quickly becoming trusted authorities within the golf community.

Professional Career

Grant Horvat, a professional golfer and social media influencer, has amassed a strong fan base across various platforms. From YouTube to Instagram and TikTok – where he regularly posts eye-catching golf-related content – Grant has amassed an extensive fan base.

He began playing basketball to help offset Michigan winters. But at age 12, he switched to golf and began migrating southward – first through Pennsylvania for high school and finally to Florida’s Treasure Coast shortly before his 15th birthday and Tony Malizia’s South Fork Golf Team under head coach Tony Malizia’s tutelage.

He joined Garret Clark and Micah Morris to form the Good Good Golf Team, earning revenue through advertisements placed on their videos as well as sponsorships and brand partnerships.

Achievement and Honors

Horvat has also earned acclaim as a YouTube content creator, working closely with Garret Clark and other golf influencers to produce trick shots, challenges, golf matches and vlogs on his channel. Horvat is widely recognized in the golfing community for his wedge play skills – an area in which his wedge game excels.

He began his club career with Marconi Stallions before making the leap to Europe where he would go on to play for several prominent teams. Over his long and distinguished career he made an indelible mark on soccer as well as earning numerous acclaim and awards for his exceptional skills and dedication to his craft.

Horvat recently expanded his revenue streams with the creation of Draw Meets Fade, an app for golf social networking available both on Apple App Store and Google Play.

Personal Life

Horvat has an intense love of golfing and often spends his free time out on the course with family and friends. Additionally, he posts fun challenges to YouTube and TikTok channels that captivate his followers – they number in millions!

Horvat was initially encouraged by his father, an accomplished professional golfer himself, to pursue golf; however, until age 13 he focused more on basketball before beginning to explore this sport more seriously. Soon thereafter he started taking up golf full time.

Garret Clark and popular golf influencers Micah Morris and Matt Scharff joined forces to form the Good Good Golf Team YouTube channel, featuring golf-related content such as trick shots, challenges, and matches. It currently boasts more than 1.24 million subscribers with 361 videos totaling 274,522,403 total views on YouTube.

Net Worth

Grant Horvat’s estimated net worth as of 2024 is an estimated $2 Million. His sources of revenue include tournament winnings, YouTube channel ads revenue, sponsorship agreements and collaboration deals.

Horvat gained immense fame via social media platforms, posting engaging golf content that appeals to a large following on platforms like YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. He currently boasts an impressive fan base on these channels.

Horvat first discovered golf while attending Palm Beach Atlantic University and participated in various junior tournaments; eventually though he came to prefer more casual games with friends than competitive events – an insight which would later shape his path as an athlete and in life in general.

Micah Morris and Matt Scharff, well-known golf influencers, joined him to form the Good Good Golf Team, producing videos of golf-related content such as trick shots, challenges, golf matches, vlogs, etc.

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