Dvc Availability Calendar

If you’re considering joining the Disney Vacation Club (DVC), you’ll want to check out the availability calendar. It can give you an idea of when you can get to your favorite resort. You can also view the calendar online. The key to booking during peak usage periods is to make your reservations at least 11 months in advance.

If you have a long vacation coming up, it might be best to make a DVC reservation as early as possible. While it’s recommended to make reservations at least 7 months before the date of your vacation, availability will be lower the closer you get to your vacation date. Remember that DVC accommodations are not like typical hotel rooms, so you should consider what kind of vacation you want. Studio rooms are the most comparable to traditional hotel rooms, with a queen bed and pullout couch.

Disney Vacation Club resorts have 7-month and 11-month booking windows. While booking during the latter will reduce availability, you can still book a room at any DVC resort. Those who book during the latter window are more likely to get a good deal. If you plan to book for seven months in advance, you should consider staying at a resort in the off-season.

In addition to the availability calendar, you can also search for confirmed reservations. This is an important aspect because confirmed reservations are those that are already booked by a DVC member. When you find one that matches your request, you can make the reservation online. If there are no other members available, you can make a reservation over the phone.

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