Doe Tag Availability Pa

If you’re interested in hunting deer, Pennsylvania’s system for doe tag availability may seem complicated. Unlike other states, where licenses are much easier to obtain, Pennsylvania has a different system. The state’s deer population is not uniform, and because of this, there are not enough doe tags available for everyone. As a result, the most popular Wildlife Management Units sell out quickly.

While some WMUs have sold out of doe licenses, others still have a few available. The Pittsburgh area’s WMU 2B has 41,396 available tags, while WMU 2C covers parts of Somerset County and neighboring counties. The state’s WMUs are divided into different divisions, but they all share the same goal: to control the deer population.

If you’re a member of the Armed Forces, you’re entitled to a free antlerless deer license. However, National Guard and Reserve members do not qualify. In any case, if you’re looking to hunt deer in Pennsylvania, consider purchasing a Pa Doe License.

Pennsylvania’s first round of doe licenses is open to residents and nonresidents. Those who live in Pennsylvania’s state can apply by mail. Applications will be processed starting July 18 for nonresidents. Applications are only accepted for the first round, which will begin on Monday, August 1. There will be one round of antlerless deer licenses statewide, and hunters can submit up to three applications in the same envelope. If you don’t submit your application before the beginning of the round, it will be rejected.

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