Emilio Rivera Net Worth

Emilio Rivera Net Worth

Emilio Rivera is an American actor known for his appearances in various television series and films, short films production, as well as portrayals of criminals and law enforcement officers on screen. Born 24 February 1961 in San Antonio Texas – an estimated net worth of $5 Million!

Rivera made his television debut with Renegade in 1992, which marked the beginning of an extraordinary acting career that would see him appear on many popular series such as The Bold and the Beautiful, 90210, Texas Ranger Beverly Hills NYPD Blue My Name is Earl as well as Son of Anarchy which gave Rivera great recognition.

His filmography includes roles in some of the most renowned Hollywood movies. He made his film debut as Tamalito in 1995’s My Family drama film; subsequent appearances in Rage and Murder Was the Case as well as The Cable Guy (1996) and Bruce Almighty (2003 comedy film) followed. Overall, he has appeared in over 20 television series and movies over his career.

He is married to Yadi Valerio and has two children from previous relationships: Rocko and Yanel. Additionally, Rivera is an avid car collector; owning several classic muscle cars that he restored himself. Furthermore, in addition to acting he also produces documentaries about America’s Classic Muscle Cars.

Rivera owns a luxury house worth more than $1 million in Los Angeles with several amenities, including a private swimming pool and garage. He owns several high-end vehicles such as BMWs and Audi A7s but prefers not to talk openly about their personal lives.

Rivera holds several endorsement agreements with various brands and is actively engaged in charity work; donating money to children’s hospitals. He enjoys his relationship with his family, being an avid New York Giants fan he often attends games at Met Life Stadium; voiceover work is another part of Rivera’s repertoire for commercials; his talent as an actor makes him highly sought after and respected worldwide; currently working on projects which will showcase these abilities, we wish him all of our best wishes as his career continues!

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