Eric Burdon Net Worth

Eric Burdon Net Worth

Eric Burdon has long been one of rock music’s most influential artists, famed for his powerful and unique vocal delivery. Hailed by Rolling Stone as a “Rock and Roll Hall of Famer”, Burdon has pioneered numerous genres over five decades of creative endeavor. Eric continues performing and recording as both part of The Animals as well as solo artist as well as leading multiracial ensemble War.

Burdon has also demonstrated his support of animal rights through benefit concerts he’s performed at and his acting work, appearing in Monterey Pop, The Doors and The Blue Hour films.

Burdon is estimated to have amassed an estimated net worth of $12 Million, thanks to his success as a singer-composer-writer and his luxurious California home and an array of luxurious cars as assets. Furthermore, his earnings are supplemented by endorsement deals with various companies as well as film appearances.

Even in his late seventies, singer Eric Burdon remains active with music and performances. He continues to tour while recording new albums and performing with The Animals as their current lineup.

English singer and actor Marks has been married three times; first to Rose Marks with whom he shares one daughter; later marrying Angie King (which ended in divorce); finally marrying Marianna Proestou in 1999.

Burdon has amassed an incredible fortune through his musical career and amassed an enormous fan base on social media platforms like Instagram (he boasts over 3.5 million followers with each post garnering more than 10,000 likes), Twitter 1.7 million, and Facebook 2.5 million.

Estimating his net worth at around $8 Million, it can be said he has earned much of it through musical endeavors with The Animals and War funk bands as well as solo albums and tracks released. All these avenues contributed significantly to him becoming such a renowned musician within the industry.

Burdon is also an avid supporter of animal rights organizations like PETA and Greenpeace, contributing his time as an activist. He authored several books under his own name while being involved with multiple causes in his spare time.

Burdon first began his musical journey as part of Alan Price Combo in Walker, Newcastle upon Tyne before going on to become lead singer for The Animals during their British Invasion era. Influenced by American blues and jazz music, his powerful vocals made The Animals one of the most influential groups during this era. Once The Animals disbanded he went on to front funk band War – one of the first multiracial musical groups.

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