Enola Bedard Net Worth

Enola Bedard Net Worth – Earnings, Salary, House, Bikes, and Other Possessions

Enola Bedard Net Worth, Earnings, Salary, House, Cars, Bikes and Other Assets.

Enola Bedard, an American dancer, Tiktok star, model, singer and social media influencer with an avid following on Tiktak is an extraordinary talent and earned significant wealth through advertisements and brand collaborations on her virtual entertainment accounts as well as dancing and choreography ventures. Her net worth stands at an estimated $12 Million USD.

Born 14 September 2000 with the zodiac sign Virgo, she attended local high school before moving to Los Angeles to further her dancing talents. Since moving there she has won multiple dance competitions as well as receiving scholarships courtesy of Stephane Bedard who works in the military. She is Stephane Bedard’s only child.

Enola Bedard is an acclaimed dancer, Tiktok star, YouTuber and model who has found immense fame due to her impressive dancing moves. She posts videos of herself dancing and choreography on her self-titled channel on YouTube which currently boasts around 13 million subscribers and 11 thousand followers – she has even collaborated with numerous popular influencers through this platform.

In November 2021, she posted an Instagram video featuring herself dancing to multiple Michael Jackson songs that earned over 175,000 views in three days. Fans were extremely impressed with her performance and wanted more dancing videos from her.

Talented and stunning dancer, Stephanie has an absolutely captivating figure that suits her well. At five feet four inches and 51 kilograms, Stephanie stands five feet four inches and sports brown hair and eyes. Incorporating regular workouts as part of her fitness regime as well as healthy food into her daily diet keeps her physically in top form.

She keeps her fans updated on her workout regimen by sharing it on social media accounts such as Instagram where she has amassed over 1.8 million followers. She often posts pictures and videos there; wearing dresses and makeup in them. Victoria Secret have even asked her to model on several occasions! In addition, she has made appearances in several movies and TV shows.

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