Eric Koston Net Worth

Eric Koston Net Worth

Skateboarding can be a leisurely hobby for most, while for others like Eric Koston it has become their profession and career path. He began skating when he was 11 and through hard work has become one of the top professional skaters today – earning millions as an athlete as well as co-owning various companies related to skateboarding that he co-owns – including one estimated worth an estimated of $16 Million USD!

Born April 29th 1975 in Bangkok, Thailand and raised in San Bernardino California after moving with his family there from there, his hobbies include skateboarding and surfing. Over his career as a skateboarder he has won multiple awards and accolades; featuring in video game featuring skateboarding; winning awards for these sports etc – leading him to be considered as one of the greatest skateboarders worldwide.

He has not only skated but has also dabbled in acting, appearing in several movies and TV shows such as Jackass, The Motivation, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory as well as regularly participating in X Games tournaments at an elite level.

Eric Koston’s estimated net worth is $15 Million dollars. A professional skateboarder for over 24 years, Eric has appeared in multiple films and TV shows and earned most of his income through skating sponsorship deals with Nike SB, Girl, Spitfire wheels Oakley Skullcandy Skullcandy as well as Fourstar Clothing co-founded with fellow skateboarder Guy Mariano as well as owning Berrics indoor skatepark and website.

Koston is married to Ashlee and they share two children, June and Fynn. He enjoys an excellent relationship with both of his spouses as well as time spent with their kids; being particularly protective over June. Additionally, he prefers not getting involved in any controversies or gossip related to them and prefers keeping his personal life quiet.

His net worth stands as proof of his commitment and hard work in sport. An entrepreneur, he amassed wealth through business ventures and sponsorship agreements with big-name companies. An inspiration to young people today, he carved out a niche for himself in an unfamiliar sport while giving back through various charities; contributing funds towards foundations for hospitals as well as aiding many children with their education; aiding disabled individuals and becoming an invaluable humanitarian. Many institutions have recognized and awarded him for this good deed.

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