First Saturday Lime Net Worth

First Saturday Lime Net Worth

First Saturday Lime is an eco-friendly insect repellent crafted from limestone that can help eliminate bugs while controlling odors in your house, garden, chicken coop and more. First Saturday Lime was featured on Shark Tank in 2020 to rave reviews; use code HERITAGEACRES for 20% off your first order to try it today!

Jessica Jacobs and Jana grew up on an Oklahoma farm where their dad owned a limestone business, learning the benefits of lime such as its ability to repel or kill bugs. With this knowledge in hand, the duo combined it with their business experience to develop First Saturday Lime, an easy product suitable for pets and children that only requires application once every month.

The sisters collaborated with a chemist to formulate an insoluble form of lime that was safe for humans and pets to come into contact with, unlike chalk which becomes ineffective once dry.

This unique and patented product can now be found at garden centers and feed stores nationwide, as well as online through their website and Amazon. It has become a favorite choice among chicken owners as it helps control odors in the chicken coop while controlling moss growth, algae blooms and mosquitoes in bird baths and other standing waters; furthermore it helps remove organic waste such as chicken droppings and bedding materials from bird baths and birdbaths.

First Saturday Lime is not only effective at repelling bugs; it is also an outstanding deodorizer. As a natural, non-toxic ingredient, First Saturday Lime can be sprinkled onto carpets, floors and garbage bins to eliminate unpleasant odors; or added directly into chicken coops/henhouses to whitewash interior walls while deodorizing them as well. Plus it can even help keep water clean inside feeders/drinkers.

First Saturday Lime’s founders appear on the hit television show Shark Tank to promote their eco-friendly insect repellent product and have seen sales skyrocket as a result of being featured. Furthermore, retail partnerships and increased brand recognition have also resulted from this exposure.

Product is an easy, safe alternative to pesticides and can be applied safely around the home and garden. Available at most local garden and feed stores as well as their website and Amazon for purchase, specialty garden shops and pet stores across the US as well as offering free shipping orders of $100+ plus offering 30-day money back guarantees, this company is sure of their product’s success and why their founders trust their product so strongly!

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