Fishing With Luiza Net Worth

Fishing With Luiza Net Worth

Luiza Barros, more popularly known by her YouTube handle “Fishing with Luiza,” is an angler known for her entertaining yet informative fishing videos and has amassed an enormous following online. Through these videos she has earned significant income through YouTube advertising revenue alone and established herself in the world of fishing. In addition, Luiza is involved with diving as well and boasts an enormous fanbase on social media – which she earns via advertising revenue generated from these two pursuits alone!

Luiza is an accomplished angler, boasting many skills such as bottom bashing and jigging. Based in Florida, she benefits from year-round fishing opportunities – something any angler would appreciate! In addition to YouTube and Facebook channels, Luiza maintains Instagram accounts where she shares video footage from her experience.

She offers various fishing trips with friends and family. Additionally, she is adept in both scuba diving and snorkeling – with one notable catch being an over 40 pound dolphin which was captured during one trip! Additionally, she is active member of Coastal Conservation Association as well as featured in multiple fishing magazine articles.

She boasts over 533K subscribers on YouTube alone and over 2.4 Million likes on TikTok alone – not to mention an official website where merchandise can be purchased!

She and Captain Jimmy Nelson share an avid passion for fishing; spending their free time exploring various coastlines around the globe, spearfishing and scuba diving. Furthermore, they present and own Intense Fishing Adventure, an established television fishing show.

Luiza has been fishing since she was a child and enjoys all forms of fishing. Born in Brazil but currently residing in Florida in the United States of America, she specializes in numerous techniques like trolling, jigging, deep falling and bottom bashing – even participating in multiple tournaments – her largest catch was an over 40 pound dolphin!

Luiza has an estimated net worth of $1 Million that she accumulated through various means, the primary ones being YouTube videos and merchandise sales through a website she owns and runs. As an extremely popular fisherman and YouTube content producer, her videos are watched by millions worldwide – Luiza serves as an inspiration to her many fans, cooking delicious meals herself while supporting the career goals of both husband and daughter alike. Luiza is also fond of photography; often taking family travel shots when away. Truly amazing woman.

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